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I know how scary it can be.
My life changed overnight. In 1991, I found myself on my own as a single mum, with only a suitcase of clothes for two weeks and two small children. 

My white picket fence life had been bulldozed. 
I needed to draw on every ounce of strength, vision and purpose to rebuild. And rebuild I did. I built something amazing.
I built a life and business I love. And over the years I have seen everything I lost and more restored to my life. 
I never lost sight of one thing: 

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My passion was always the same.

I am going to create am amazing life,
then show other women how to live it.

I've learned a lot. I've travelled bumpy roads and smooth roads.
The three things that have kept me on course are:

Learning to listen to my intuition and let it guide me
Heal my heart and open myself up to receiving abundance and wealth
Create a business that supports my dreams

Now it's about you.

It's been nearly three years since I opened up my private coaching packages to women. I was determined to get to the next level for me. And now that I have, I feel the distinct pull of my soul to open them back up to you, because one thing has become abundantly clear...

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So, here it is:



Twelve weekly 55 minute coaching sessions 

Weekly Email Check-In's for Accountability

Access to Videos, Webinars and Training Sessions

Investment: Normally $2200
The Intuitive Woman Discounted Price
for a limited time

(Payment Plan Pricing Available on Request) 


This time next year, what do you want to say is true?  Are you prepared to make that a non-negotiable?  If so...I invite you to set up a free discovery session so that we can start a conversation, explore working together and get started on your dreams and goals *today*!  



“A year from now you will wish you had started today.

— Karen Lamb




I know what it's like to struggle with the ups and downs of cashflow and the stress of making ends meet and the constant pressure of bills. I know the fear that comes with taking a leap of faith when you decide you need to follow your heart and it takes all the faith you have. I also know the phenomenal power of decision and of how when you say yes, all of heaven and the universe shifts to support you. The power of investing in yourself and sowing into your future to create the business and life of your dreams... even when you're afraid, even when you're not sure how things will turn out... even when you're not sure what the next steps are. 

You see in life, this is how faith works. We don't need to see the whole staircase, we just need to take the first step. And I will be here to support you, encourage you and guide you every step of the way. 

I myself have enrolled in high end coaching programs. I remember how invaluable the support of another women entrepreneur can be. Someone there to believe in you, encourage you, cheer you, guide you, direct you and break down the pieces so they are easy to follow and implement. To call you out on your excuses and lovingly guide you to where action creates results and where abundance starts to flow. 

As we work together, you will start to feel things shift. Freedom will come, emotionally and mentally as we untie and unravel the knots that have held you back. You'll start to find freedom and confidence and you'll re-connect with the goddess you are and all of heaven will be cheering you on. You'll implement small changes, week by week, and before you know it, amazing results will start to manifest.  Soon you will realise that your life and business look completely different.... you'll be living this amazing life! 



As I grew as an entrepreneur and business woman myself, and saw the ups and downs of the journey, I became even more passionate about helping other women navigate their way to success and financial freedom.  I began supporting other women with stepping into and living their worth, seeing their value and contribution to this world, learning to receive effortlessly and abundantly, living their true purpose and calling. There is nothing like seeing a woman become all she is called to be AND see her create financial freedom along the way!

When I first started my business, I had no idea. But what I did know, was to follow those intuitive guidances that come along the way. It was a long and winding road to success. I had been raised in a christian home, where money was something you should never have too much of in reality, yet all the wealth quotes were used. I desired what my heart longed for , financial freedom, yet battled with the belief that it was more honourable to be a martyr and give rather than receive. 

Things changed for me when I realised we are called to give out of an abundance. That we are called to be women of WEALTH AND RESOURCEFULNESS, which means we create rivers of wealth to flow into our lives. That we are called to be providers for our homes and families and that we play a vital role, alongside our men in giving to this world, not just with our dollars but also with our gifts. 

Fast forward to today, and I have seen my money story healed. I have been able to transform my life and tap into a level of wealth consciousness which means I can call it in when it's needed and can now live my gifting and purpose - not a job to pay the bills. 

I am passionately committed to seeing women rise up, believe in the call of destiny on their lives and start to heal those areas that are holding them back from wealth and resourcefulness. Your business is meant to be an abundance fountain not just for you but for those around you that you are called to reach. I see women now tap into the God Given intuition which leads and guides them, discovering new ways to transform their businesses. They can now make a bigger impact in the world and a profound difference to those closest to them. 

If you are not seeing the abundance in your business you know you should be, if you find yourself catching your breath when you say your fees, or if you know deep within you should and could be charging more, but for some reason people push that down - then this is your invitation to say yes to your soul... your opportunity to say this this is not how my story will end. I will have all that God intends and designed for my life. I invite you to connect with me below and begin a powerful journey of transformation...



It IS possible to finally start living the life and business of your dreams this year! 

To fully align your business with your soul and create more success than you ever even imagined!

Dreams don't happen by dreaming about them though...they happen by doing something about them! 


This is an individually tailored coaching package. Designed for you. 

I tailor it to you, where you're at right now, to bring you to where you need to be. 

If you're ready to dive deep into the power of your feminine energy, remove the stress, see abundance start to flow and open your heart up to receive ALL that heaven has in store for you - then now is the time. 




This unique and powerful coaching experience will transform you life. It will help you turn your dreams and desires into reality as you tap into your intuition and allow yourself to be guided forward. You will discover your power, your worth and your value, you will see your financial situation transform. You will discover your God given purpose and tap into it to create the life you dream of. 

For you beautiful, the best is yet to come!

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