Before you spend one more minute stressing, or getting frustrated and pulling your hair out over why your spiritual business is not making money, 

All you need is spiritual guidance AND PROVEN STRATEGY ©

(I get it and I’ve been there!)

The power of combining the spiritual aspects with proven business strategy is what propels you forward into fast results and a profitable business.

We’ve perfected this process and combined the spiritual principles with the proven business strategies that cause profitability and passion to explode into a business that gives you financial freedom and the ability to live your calling and serve the world with your unique gifts.

I’ve generated over $200k a year income in corporate business and built two successful businesses bringing in six figures a year. Six figures is where I believe every woman should be sitting as a minimum. You are called to be a woman of resource and that means having the finance to live a life you love, but also live a life that serves others.

And it all comes down to combining your passion with proven business strategy.

Unfortunately, so many female entrepreneurs are giving and giving and giving their gifts, exhausting themselves with acts of service and are still broke, still trying and trying and trying to get things off the ground.

So let me tell you how I got here...

Years ago, I was a single mum with two small children and a suitcase of clothes enough for two weeks! I found myself suddenly single overnight and had no idea what was going to come next 😂

I worked hard, studied, retrained, started a business and worked into the wee hours of the morning when the children slept. I had limited success and longed to be able to serve the world with my spiritual gifts, but every one I knew who did that was broke. Burning within me was a passion to live what I believe every woman is called to and that’s a life of spiritual service but also prosperity. Serious prosperity. As in, wealth and the ability to make choose my future.

And so the journey began…

I was giving away WAY TOO MUCH for WAY TOO LITTLE:
👉Doing free sessions because I didn’t believe people could pay and that I should serve
👉Charging by the hour on minimal rates just to be of service
👉Overworking, exhausting myself thinking doing more would get results *sigh*
👉Being scared to charge what I believed I could, because that wouldn’t be spiritual
👉Believing the lie that spiritual service shouldn’t be charged for

I had serious issues around what I had been told was spiritual and what my heart was calling me to.

You can’t thrive when you’re caught in the cycle above and you’re stressed to the max and wondering how you’ll pay the bills and take care of the kids. You can’t live your purpose, stand in your power and release your gifts to the world, when you’re burnt out, exhausted and suffering adrenal fatigue!

So, before you spend another hour in tears, torn between what you’ve been told and what your heart believes, you need to be freed by these two truths:

The ability to be BOTH spiritual, of service AND wealthy is your highest calling in this life. You are called to serve with EASE AND GRACE and see PROSPERITY AND ABUNDANCE FLOW INTO YOUR LIFE .

Are you giving away your gifts and acts of service believing that’s spiritual? If you’re still broke, I’m guessing that’s a yes.

If you haven’t mastered the strategies of business and combined those with your spiritual gifts and ability to connect deeply with the people you’re called to serve, and bringing in six figures, then I’m guessing that’s a yes.

It’s time to RISE. It’s time to rise up in to the powerful, spiritual woman you are and start creating wealth so you can become a woman of resource.

To release your gifts and calling into the world and be financially free.

To run both a profitable business and a heart centred, soulful one.

To release your gifts to the world and also, run a profitable business.

This way you honour your calling, your soul’s work and your hearts desires.



If you have an abundance of gifting, but no business strategy you will forever be running in circles, frustrating yourself.

You can invest in every course available, read every book and still struggle to really create wealth.

If you want to be a woman of influence with your business, you need both your voice, your gifting and strategy to grow your business if you want a six figure income.

When your message is clear, and you stand in your power, with the strategy to support you - your clients will come. 

Once your head and your heart align, we tweak a few points and give you some solid business strategy, things will start to fall into place with ease and grace.

If you’re all about passion, with out purpose, you’ll struggle to be profitable.
Once you align your passion with your purpose and add in business strategy - you get profitability.

Need support scaling your business, so you can work less and build your income and impact? Then book a FREE chat with me and let’s map out a strategy to get you to six figures - FAST.

I’ll help you find your voice, find your flow and create profitability in your spiritual business.

And don’t worry, there’s no shady sales tactics here. This is a one hour consult to bring strategy to your soul.

Your choice. Your life. Your business.

I have limited availability for one on one work. The women I choose to work with are the ones that I know I can help scale to six figures with ease and grace. Those women who are ready, passionate and willing to be taught solid business strategy.

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Sending you so much love and success,

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