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From women on their first business adventure to corporate companies with million dollar payrolls, Angela Monteiro Pereira serves her clients with her intuitive strategies to ensure they are profitable and create a business and life they love.

She grew up in a Christian home, married young and had two children, believing the dream of pastoring a church with her new husband was her calling. Little did she know that within 12 years that white picket fence life would be bulldozed and she would find herself a single mum with two small children and a suitcase of clothes. This is where the second part of her life began.

With two growing children to provide for, she turned to business as a way to meet the ever-increasing costs and fulfil the desire for financial and time freedom she needed. Still very involved in church life, running community programs for hundreds of women and training on leadership, she eventually reached a cross roads.  She wanted freedom to choose her own path and live life on her terms. So, she chose the path less travelled.

She retrained, obtaining a Diploma in Financial Services and Certificate IV in Training and Assessing. She started her first business, almost reaching six figures in her first year. She knew this was the life she wanted.

During her time working in finance she met with many clients who were struggling financially even though they had million dollar property portfolios. Even the financial planners she worked alongside chose not to offer support, as there was no financial reward in that work. So, Angela decided to create her very first course for women wanting to create financial freedom called Money Mastery.

As a single mum for 15 years she knew all too well the struggle most women face in trying to make ends meet and provide for their families. She simply wasn’t prepared to sit by when she had the knowledge to turn their lives around.

The Money Mastery Program has been picked up by not-for-profits, insurers for injured workers and women who want financial freedom and need a place to start to free themselves from the chains of debt, bills and the never ending guinea pig wheel.

Today, Angela works with women helping them create financial freedom from a sacred, spiritual space. She works as a Business Development Coach, Mentor, Course Creator and Keynote Speaker.

She helps women gain clarity on their divine blueprint and gifts, align it with a business model and create a strategy to make that business profitable so they can live a life of freedom. She helps women heal their money story, find their voice and create six figure incomes and live a life of travel, luxury and lifestyle.

In this, the second part of her life, she lives with her new husband, and they have four adult children between them. She lives in Adelaide and coaches women around the globe in how to create a life of financial freedom from a spiritually sacred space.


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