90 Days - One on One Coaching

A woman of influence & affluence
The perfect blend of divine femme & six figure CEO

Is 2019 the year that you create financial freedom from a spiritually sacred space?

I see you beautiful… you’re called to make a difference, your gifts & acts of service have the power to change lives, but you’re not being financially rewarded for it.
You’ve been giving out, serving, getting your work out into the world,
now it’s time to be compensated for it.

Are you done with the struggle and striving, for little financial return?

Unless you combine both the spiritual principles and the six figure strategies, your business will struggle with influence and affluence.  The two things your SOUL desires – to be significant in serving others and be richly compensated for it.

This is for you if:

  • You’re ready to say yes to a six figure business and more that supports your desires of time and money freedom – no more struggle, divine alignment

  • You want to achieve more in less time – leaving you free to enjoy life

  • You want more sales but in a way that aligns with your values and doesn’t compromise your integrity

  • You want to grow from a hobby business to a fully fledged CEO who can create an empire and be financially rewarded for it

  • You want to be able to run your business on autopilot so it has the capacity to make money while you sleep. Slaving for 20 years and retiring is not for you. You want to enjoy life now as well as have a business that supports your lifestyle. 


 Working with me one on one YOU WILL:

● Learn the art of divine feminine energy and how you use it to attract wealth and riches easily without the burnout and adrenal fatigue.

● Release and heal all that no longer serves you, take back your power, own your voice and present your business to the world with impact and global presence

● Learn the art of effortless sales – do away forever with the fear around selling and sell with integrity and in alignment with your soul. Communicate with clarity in a way that has clients lining up to work with you.

● Increase the profitability of your business. Grow an empire that is financial and supports your dreams of financial freedom. No more hobby businesses and no more financial struggle.

● Package your services and align it with a six figure strategy to catapult you to divine riches. This is your road map to a six figure profitable business that will give you the luxury lifestyle and freedom you long for. Learn the CEO strategies to build an empire.

● Align with the universal laws of wealth and incorporate them into the way you do business to ensure divine money flow. Learn how to work in flow with the Universe, activate your intuition so you can up-level quickly and easily to divine diva status.


Get ready to heal, take back your power and step into a level of influence & affluence I know you dream of…

Get ready to open your heart to receive abundance in a divine and feminine way…


Wealth is your birthright. Every woman should be living a sacred, divine and guided life, serving with her gifts and creating an abundance of wealth in her bank account.

I stand against every word, belief, institution or organization that says you cannot have both a life of spiritual service and financial abundance.

I live to see women rise up, stand in their power, own their voice and release their gifts into the world through acts of service and be financially and abundantly rewarded.






I connected with Angela when I was just launching my own real estate business in Queensland. At the time, I was just establishing myself in a new territory and needed to get my name and branding out there. Angela helped me bring in sales quickly and transition to high end clients that helped my business expand and grow rapidly. I now, along with my husband own and operate one of the most successful Remax real estate businesses and have won multiple awards. We are profitable, growing and I know I would not be where I am now without her coaching and guidance.
Thankyou Angela.

Gaby McEwan – Remax, Carina, Queensland.

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I started working with Angela in 2018. At the time, my podiatry business of 20 years was struggling, not profitable and low on clients. I wanted to sell, but financially it wasn’t viable. I wasn’t sure I believed Angela when she said we could turn it around and it could happen quickly. However, within 6 sessions we had restructured my practice, made staff adjustments, and we went from struggling to being at 80% capacity with a waiting list!  I needed to look at bringing on board another podiatrist to cope with the clients coming in. I took my first overseas holiday in years to the Maldives and cannot thank Angela enough. She has a unique ability to pinpoint the areas that will bring amazing results. Her intuitive knowledge of both business financials and what it takes to make a business profitable is incredible. So grateful.

Wendy Satara, Podiatrist, Sydney, NSW, Australia

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Is the founder and CEO of Spiritual Wealthy Woman. Her brand of coaching is far from generic. She is here to help women heal, transform their businesses from struggle to six figures and beyond as they find their voice, own their power and serve the world with their gifts.

Through her work as a leading business strategist, healer and sales siren, Angela has taught hundreds of visionary women, entrepreneurs, healers, and coaches how to harness the power of profitability in their businesses, step into their power, ignite their spiritual superpowers and deliver their acts of service in divine alignment with their soul’s calling and purpose.  She shows women how to move from servitude to serving, how to create success and six figures from a spiritually sacred space and leave behind the limiting and debilitating beliefs that sees them hiding and playing small.

Her journey from pastor’s wife, to single mum, to solo entrepreneur and now mentor to hundreds of women, speaking internationally and showing women how to rebuild their lives, create profitable businesses and a life of influence and affluence is inspiring and she’s never been happier. To learn more about Angela Monteiro Pereira visit www.angelaoleary.com